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Turn your items into insights

Trivial ETL Engine for Minecraft

Do you love data?

Are you tired of creating complex logic to monitor inventory or production? Want something more modern, modular, and scalable? Want something that can empower live dashboards, both in-game and out? You have come to the right place.


  • Connect to item and fluid storage, with specialized support for Refined Storage and Applied Energistics.
  • Monitor Mekanism reactors, turbines, and multiblock energy systems.
  • Write custom adapters to support any block, system, or event that you want to integrate.


  • Attach middleware to calculate deltas, rates, and averages of your resources over time.
  • Use custom middleware to apply your own measures, on an input-by-input basis or across the entire data stream.


  • Graph your resources over time using Plotter outputs to visually analyze changes in your resource economy.
  • Supports direct output to a Grafana dashboard for historical analysis and real-time monitoring.
  • Use Secure Modem to transmit to a central monitoring hub through encrypted tunnels.

Quick Start

Run the installer:

wget run

Then, read the Getting Started guide to learn how to use Telem.


  • CC: Tweaked or CC: Restitched
  • http access for installer and certain adapters